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Pure Hyaluronic acid Powder Benefits

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Pure Hyaluronic acid Powder Benefits

Sodium hyaluronate(Hyaluronic acid)is widely present in human tissues and cells. 

It is an important component of the human body's extracellular matrix and cell
messaging proteoglycan chain.

Oral sodium hyaluronate health food can supplement the deficiency of sodium
hyaluronate in the body, thereby activating skin cells, improving skin and joint
functions, and achieving body beauty and health from the inside out. 

It also plays a role in preventing aging and maintaining the health of the aging
population. It effectively makes up for the shortcomings of topical sodium

Main features of ANS Botanics sodium hyaluronate(hyaluronic acid)

High security

High purity
High content of glucosaldehyde
extremely low content of impurities (heavy metals, microorganisms, etc.)


Test items


Item Appearance PH Value Transparency Loss on Drying Bulk Density Molecular Weight Heavy Metals
Specification White Powder 6.0~7.5 99% Min  10% Max 0.2-0.6 g/ml 1,000,000-1,500,000 Daltons 10ppm Max
Arsenic Glucuronic Acid Hyaluronic Acid Total Plate Count Total Yeast & Mold E.Coli Salmonella Staphylococcus
2ppm Max 45.0% Min 90.0% Min 10cfu/g Max 10cfu/g Max Not Detected  in (g)
Not Detected in (g)
Not Detected in (g)



Food & beverage,jelly and milk
Food supplement (tablets, capsules, oral liquids are commonly used types

Usually used in conjunction with collagen, vitamins, chondroitin sulfate, amino
sugar and other ingredients.


-Promote facial skin health, improve skin moisture and antioxidant
-Increase bone density and improve joint skills
-Helps improve gastrointestinal function and protect gastric mucosa;
-Improve the cardiovascular system
-Promote wound healing
-Boost immunity

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