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Fish Collagen Powder


100% natural fish collagen powder food grade water solubleSpecification:Molecular weigh: 1000 DalProtein: >95%Colour: off-whiteFlavour: light fishlike   Effect of Fish Collagen Powder -moisturize skin, make cells replenish moisture, enhance skin elasticity, repair skin wrinkles, especially fine lines on the corners of the eyes. -enhance the proportion of collagen in the breast connective tissue, so that the breast height is significantly...

Marigold Extract Lutein 5% Powder


Marigold Extract Powder Specification: Lutein 5%  Appearance: Orange-red fine powder Storage: Store in cool & dry place, keep away from strong light and heat. Shelf Life: 24 months in properly stored. Packing: Foil bag Lutein, also known as "phytolutein", is an oxygen-containing carotenoid. It is widely found in natural plants such as marigold, banana, kiwi fruit and corn. It is an...