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We guarantees a fast and effective production with a superior degree of accuracy throughout the whole production line. Safe and effective active ingredients are maintained through the whole process from the material collection, crushing and extraction to finished products. Each procedure strictly complies with GMP requirements. Detailed and complete records are maintained and documented appropriately for each batch of production to ensure a steady quality.

ansbotanics production


Quality Control:
ANS Botanics has a professional, technical personel and advanced technology for product development and quality control.

All our internal laboratory, manufacturing and distribution processes are strictly defined, closely monitored and carefully recorded before released. We set high standards of cleanliness, traceability and environmental accountability for our processes and products. We operate not only according to our own internal safety and quality controls, but also meeting the international standards.

A successful company relies on quality products and services. That's why quality control plays a central role in ANS Botanics company strategy.

To ensure premium and consistent quality of our products and services, we maintain close links with the entire supply chain from cultivation and collection to industrial processing. All procedures based on our GOOD QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEM facilities.

The modern laboratory implements careful testing on all raw material before production, as well as careful testing on all finished products before they are released. During these tests we evaluate the identity, potency and purity of each product through the most reliable analytical methods available, including:

High Performance Liquid Chromatography(HPLC)
Thin Layer Chromatography(TLC)
Gas Chromatography(GC)
Ultraviolet Analyzer(UV)
Atomic Absorption Analyzer
Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometer(GC-MS)
High Performance Capilary Electrophoresis
Microbial Controls
Heavy Metal Detector
Pesticide Residue Detection

Additionally, the products are tested to guarantee the proper amount of each active compound,and that the products are free from heavy metals and Pesticides Residues.
Our products are strictly tested and we do testing more than 2 times for each batch of products to compare the stability with different batches.

ansbotanics QC


Our materials are delivered to nearly 100 countries and regions. Depending on the support of Integrated Logistics System from our Group Company, we ensure a timely and effective logistic service to satisfy our customers requirement and offer practicable solution for urgent situation.

ansbotanics logistics


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